Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Alphabet According to My Browser

Inspired by Not Martha, I thought that I too would share what my browser assumes that I want when I type in each letter from the alphabet. The list:

A: Astrology Zone, ugh. Embarrassing but true. Since my life has gone haywire, I am putting my faith in the stars.

B: Boomset, from my past job. A very cool tool for those of you who put on events for a living. The customer service was amazing and everything actually worked on the night of. Those of you who put on events for a living know that this is rare.

C: Craigslist, duh. From jobs to sex to general distraction, this has it all.

D: Department of the Interior, for gorgeous homes and inspiration.

E: Evite, which I just used to set up a site for our family reunion.

F: Facebook, aka life.

G: Groupon, I'm obsessed.

H: Hopstop (NYC), mostly for timing out trips or figuring out how to get the hell out of the neighborhood.

I: Internet Movie Database

J: Jezebel, which actually surprises me. I haven't visited for awhile, which is SHOCKING considering how often I checked it when I had a day job.

K: nuffin

L: LinkedIn, because I'm in a job search.

M: Meetup group for Younger Women's Task Force (NYC Metro Chapter). I am Chapter Director and am constantly checking in to see who has joined and who RSVPed for our next event.

N: The New York Times, even though I haven't paid for it yet. When I get income--and will be too busy to read it--then I'll pay.

O: OkCupid. What? I'm single. No judging.

P: Pingg, for family reunion site options. I liked their designs better, but nothing fit a Polish-American family party for which I have no real details.

Q: Queers for Economic Justice. Think gay marriage was the apotheosis of sexual equality? Think again, friend.

R: RueLaLa, another former obsession.

S: Smitten Kitchen, for beautiful food photography, amazing recipes, and the cutest effing toddler on the internets.

T: Twitter, aka life

U: NYS Unemployment, cuz I gotta click every week.

V: Vertical Response, another remnant of the old job. Cheap-to-free email blasts with pretty good templates. Obviously if you want to completely customize, you need to know code, but perfect for the dummies among us.

W: Wikipedia

X: nuffin

Y: Yahoo News, see "N"

Z: Zappos. I don't buy shoes that often, but I do spend a good deal of time researching them.

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